Thuy Anh and Thai Duong

Having three functions happening almost back-to-back within two days, Thuy Anh and Thai Duong engaged bythuongtran as they wanted to enjoy a smooth planning process. Asbythuongtran got to understand the couple better and better through the interaction with them,the team conceptualized the themes for a series of events that truly reflected the bride and the groom’s personalities: a mini reception only with their close friends in royal blue and gold themewith live musical performance, and a formal reception for the two families to host other 400 guests including high-profile personnels.

"Having bythuongtran taking care of our wedding was possibly the best decision we’ve ever made since we started planning for our big day. The team made us felt that we always had their full and first attention; they listened to our stories and wishes; they asked us questions which helped us to realize what we really wanted for the wedding. 

Bythuongtran has excellent taste in décor, choice in food & drink, and recommendation for activities, gifts for our families and friends. Each member of the team is very meticulous, hands-on and detail-oriented; yet they never lose sight for the big picture, keeping the overall look and feel of the wedding uniquely beautiful, personal, and consistent.

Bythuongtran always stands for their clients’ benefits; and the way they work with their partners reassured us through bythuongtran, we got only the best services. Their execution and guidance for us throughout the planning made wedding preparation fun, enjoyable time for us.

We thank bythuongtran team for making our celebration such an unforgettable experience, for not only us but also our families and friends. We hope more couples will know about bythuongtran and have the team organize their weddings; as only then the couples would enjoy more than ever the planning process; as well as have their dream weddings come true."