Thu Tra and Ngoc Quan

Tra and Quan held their reception of 800 guests at Melia – the five-star hotel that has the largest Ballroom in the city. Serving a couple with extremely high expectations for their wedding within a very short period of time, bythuongtran planned and executed timely and precisely every element of the wedding.

Accented with violet and white colors, which later on became a trend for that year’s wedding season; having a sumptuous amount of fresh flowers, the wedding was the couple’s and their families’ favorite and memorable event where they hosted many high-profile guests; and most of all – celebrated love and joy with their loved ones.

"As bythuongtran's very first clients, initially we were a bit worried. However, after two months of intense preparation, we had a perfect wedding as what we had envisioned, we are completely happy with our choice. Enthusiastic, creative, efficient, and especially always listen and accommodate to clients' very specific requests - those are what you will find in bythuongtran.

Thank you bythuongtran! We wish you all the best and we look forward to seeing many more beautiful weddings planned by you."