Thu Ha & Maikel Lybaert
"Our first officially meeting with Bythuongtran team was at the beginning of May. By that time Bythuongtran already helped us get an idea of how our wedding would be like..."Read more
Chi Anh & Ryan
"Being someone who has been dreaming about a perfect wedding for 30 years, I had high expectations for my own. Having spent most of my life overseas, I felt it would be a challenge to plan a wedding n Vietnam where there is a big difference in culture and the way weddings are held here...Read more
Ha Trang & Thanh Trung
"Many people were surprised and asked us "Why Bythuongtran but not others well-known names in Hanoi?" My reason was simple: I was looking for a wedding planner, not for a decorator..."Read more
Giang Le & Khuu Trung
"Whenever reminiscing about that meaningful time, we always believe that the chance to know and work with bythuongtran team, especially Ms.Van, is an extreme luck to us...Read more
Bich & Minh
As a private couple, my husband and I shared the same idea for our wedding - a small affair with only close family members and friends....Read more
Julie & Danny
I just wanted to thank you again for all your help planning our wedding day....Read more
Katy & Alexis de Macquenem
"Most people were concerned when i told them about my wedding color theme " Black- red and White". However, after months of working with the very talented bythuongtran team on every single small details, our hard work had paid off. I had a wedding of my dream and couldnt be happier...Read more
Kim Nguyen and Mark Griffin
"I had always wanted to have a destination wedding, and my husband and I had decided on Nha Trang, Vietnam. After 6 months of doing the initial stages of planning...Read more
Lien and Bomin
“I’ve been dreamt about my wedding since I was just a little girl, how I would look, how the tables would be set, the flower, the hair, the wedding gown....Read more
My Hoa and Dang Tung
"I have known Thuong for almost 9 years since our college’s time. so when it came to my wedding, top of my mind was ByThuongTran..."Read more
Ngoc Lien and Nam Hung
"As our wedding was held in Vietnam, and we were living abroad, there had beenlotofmWe are very happy with our wedding, and we will be more than happy ...."Read more
Thanh Nga and Akshay
"I would say that you are very creative and motivated by new challenges e.g., organizing an Indian wedding. You were very diligent with research...."Read more
Thu Tra and Ngoc Quan
"As bythuongtrans first clients, initially we were a bit worried. However, after two months of intense preparation, we had a perfect..."Read more
Thuy Anh and Thai Duong
"Having three functions happening almost back-to-back within two days, Thuy Anh and Thai Duong engaged bythuongtran as they wanted to enjoy a smooth planning process ..."Read more
Timothy Patrick and Jose Olivares
"Jose and I initially contacted Thuong through her website when we decided to have our celebrations in Hanoi, Vietnam. We found..."Read more