Thu Ha & Maikel Lybaert

Ha and Maikel wanted to have a cozy wedding as a small gathering for all their beloveds but somehow still have to be unique to bring them unforgettable moments. After 8 months of planning, bythuongtran brought Ha and Maikel an idea of a fresh garden with of course green theme, greeneries, flowers and petals all around, creamy colorful butterflies.. All the guests felt like they were in a main scene of a romantic movie where they became the witnesses of the most happiness thing on Earth – Love.

"Our first officially meeting with Bythuongtran team was at the beginning of May. By that time Bythuongtran already helped us get an idea of how our wedding would be like. Since then, during 8 months working together, each idea was implemented carefully. Few days before the big day, I had such stressful time as there was a lot of last-minute changes need to be sorted. However, our dear wedding planner, Ms Van and Bythuongtran team comforted me and tried their best to solve all problems. Finally the wedding was like a dream that I, in some moments, couldnt believe it was my own wedding. It was so magical and beautiful that I felt like it had to be someone else's wedding, not for such ordinary girl like me. Until now I'm still so happy looking at the wedding pictures, I have tears in my eyes and grateful feelings inside.

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart to Ms Van and Bythuongtran team for making my dream wedding come true. Thank you for staying by my side in both stressful and happy time during such long period preparing for the big day. I wish there will be more and more brides would have such beautiful wedding like mine and even more memorable than mine!

Lots of love from newly wed "