Numbers to remember


Here lays our notes on some of the numbers to remember on planning your weddings

  1. Number of guests

The first number to remember is that the number of guests. Keep in mind that this number will be closely associated with your provisional budget, your choice of venue, of food and so on. Think and re-think about who to invite to your ceremony and reception. Keep in mind that this is your wedding, not your parents’ or anybody else and think about whom you will be terrified if they miss your moment.


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To Vietnamese brides, who mostly happen to have less their people than their parents’, do not afraid to fight a bit for your guest list. At the end of the day, your wedding should be your happy day and your parents would do anything to make it happen.

  1. Number of all your anniversary

This would help to create a perfect speech for your rehearsal dinner and after party. For both bride, groom and their guests, learning or re-remembering about the couple happy moments is such a lovely treat. Input some memories into the speech will definitely make it more emotional and personal, which are, by the way, 2 crucial criteria for a completely mind-blowing speech.


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  1. Number of bad luck

In each culture, there are certain number that considered bad luck. No one knows better than yourself, even your wedding planner. Make a list of bad luck numbers and send to your wedding planner and your maid of honour, so that when they’re preparing for your wedding, they know what to avoid.

For Christian brides, it's best if you can avoid getting married on a Saturday, in May (which is the dead festival month in Roman history) or on a 13th


For Asian, especially Chinese, Vietnamese bride, try to avoid number 4 as it sounds really similar to dead. Try to stick with numbers of luck such as 6, 8 ,9 and you'll be fine.


Last but not least, do not forget your wedding day. That’s is the most important number you have to remember :)



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