Wedding favours has become the playful game for creative brides. However, to most of busy brides-to-be, thinking of wedding favour is rather painful than joyful. Here are 5 questions that will help brides on deciding the perfect wedding favour.

  1. How many favours are you sending out?

Thinking of the number of guests of your wedding. Are you going to send wedding favour to all of them? This should be the first step. The number of favour rather links closely with your wedding budget scheme. For those of you who having small wedding of less than 100 guest, you can chilled out a bit. But for big wedding of more than 100 guests or in the case of Vietnamese wedding, the number of guest can go up to 1000 leading to a huge spending. In this case, you need to make a list of who’s gonna receive your wedding favour because maybe not all of the guests are close to you or pay that much attention to the little gift. This will help you save budget for high-profiled items.


  1. How much are you willing to spend on each wedding favour?

The second matter you should decide immediately but not sooner is budget per favour that you’re comfortable with. Wedding favour is like a souvenir to remind guests of your happy day. It’s should be tasteful, personalised and handy. Try to avoid spending too much money on this category because God knows and we know how expensive other stuffs can be. Save it for the big one, like flower arrangements, your wedding dress, makeup or honeymoon.


  1. Who is the one shopping for the gift?

Talk to your fiancé about who takes care of this matter. That person could be you, him, your wedding planner, maid of honour or any of your acquaintances and family. Deciding on who in charge of each matter within your wedding will help everything go smoothly and ease the pain of planning.


  1. Do you have any special idea or memories that you wanna share with others?

Think about your past and find a happy time in your relationship and all memories related to it. This surely helps in choosing a personalised wedding favour that yours and only yours. We suggest that you can think of the first time you guys met, went on vacation together, say the 3 important words to each other or any other happy time in between.


  1. Is your idea practical?

Wedding favours should be practical. It can either eatable or handly pretty to keep as a home decor. This is the only way for you to avoid accidentally caught your wedding favour ending up in not very nice places. Well, that’s hurt, believe us. And don’t think of practical gifts such as sweet or candle in a wrong way, add little personalised details and it's all yours.


Finally, try to avoid stress as much as you can. If you can not think of any wedding favour that suit you and your budget, a thank you note or speech is lovely enough.



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