Flower arrangement has become one of the most important categories in each and every wedding. However, with tight-budget brides, reality is much more cruel than dreams, always. So the question is among so many flower decorations, which one is compulsory?

This matter was raised in our previous workshop “Ready to tie the knot" and the answer was rather easy “The closer to the bride, the more important" - well said, Ms Thanh Hà, Founder of Bông Floral Fancy. Later on, Ms Hà revealed that in her idea, the only compulsory flower arrangement in every wedding is the bridal bouquet. Explaining for this answer, Ms Hà stated: “Unlike other arrangements such as central pieces, flower gate or reception table, which emphasize the space of the wedding, bridal bouquet emphasizes the bride and her only. Isn't that the bride the star of the day and she should shine the most? Everything else should be second.”


Source: Thuý Anh & Thái Dương Wedding, Wedding planner: Bythuongtran, Flower Decoration: Bông floral Fancy

We have to admit that we can’t agree more or find a more thoughtful and smart way to answer this matter. And as the must-have arrangement, bridal bouquet needs to be beautiful, fresh and most importantly, emphasizes but not overwhelms the beauty of the bride.

In order to help tight-budget brides-to-be, Bythuongtran and our floral decoration partner, Bông Floral Fancy decide to create “Ready to tie the knot - Bridal Bouquet, Do-it-yourself". This will be a practical and helpful workshop in which students have the opportunities to practice on real flowers with clear instructions from Ms Thanh Hà and Ms Kim Ngọc, Bông Floral Fancy.

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