After months of planning, if you desperately need a way to remember your big day which always seems to fly in seconds, wedding videography is definitely the answer. Additional to photography, videography makes it even easier to capture every single moments of the wedding from little decoration details to happy reactions of the guests and the couple themselves.

As a guide to a videography, we decided to categorize wedding video into 2 main styles: Journalistic and Cinematic.

For “Journalistic” category, there are 2 common styles: documentary, and traditional

1. Documentary: Capture and edit the day as a short documentary movie. This style is usually applied when filming the big day including ceremony and reception. The strengths of this style is “cinematically real”.



2. Traditional: Or “mere documentary" in which all of the event was captured and very lightly edited to make it completely real. However, videos follow this style are rather long and seem to be a little unprofessional.


“Cinematic" category can also be divided into 2 styles: cinematic and storytelling

1. Cinematic: Edited using special effect to generate the “wow" factor and to make the movie more emotional. This style can be used both for pre-wedding film and on-the-day movie.


2. Storytelling: This style combines both pre-wedding videos of the couple and on-the-day footage to create a story of their love. Especially, with this style, voices of bride, the groom, their family and friends will be pre-recorded and attached to the video along with music for dramatic effects.


Each bride should carefully consider which style is the most suitable for her wedding, in relation with the wedding theme, size and budget. If you are tight on budget, a photo-slides would be just wonderful, all you need to do is to find the perfect photographer. Find some insights on wedding photography here:



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