The power of little details


Central pieces, backdrop, flower arch, stage and the aisle are normally considered as highly important elements in wedding decoration. However, today blog isn’t about them. It’s the chair we’re talking about.

Chair is rarely the talk of the day but we believe just a little touch can change everything. Here’s some of our notes on how to make the chair a bit more sophisticated.

1. Cover-it up

Covering is one of the most popular ways to decorate the chair which can help fill up the space in case you have a huge venue. It can be completely fold up or partly covered. The cover’s design and fabrics should incorporate with the theme and to the venue. Popular sachet materials are silk, organza, lace and cotton. However, if you decide to use chair cover, remember TO DO THEM ALL.


Photo: Lace cover in a spring Wedding Bythuongtran, photo by Lieta

2. Accessories

When it comes to chair accessories, choices are widely range from fabric sashes, crafted paper, balloon to fresh flower. The decision entirely depends on the theme of the wedding and desire of the bride. However, fabric sashes or fresh flower are more to the classic approach and can be applied to most wedding style.


Photo: Fresh flower to make the chair more elegant, Spring wedding, photo: Lieta

3. Spice things up

To make the chair decoration a bit more interesting and more creative, many wedding planers apply different approaches to decorate wedding chairs at the same time. For example, a tiny flower arrangement or a sash is mixed with chair cover to make the chair more elegant and less boring.

66 copy.jpg

Photo: Mix of cotton cover with sashes for a March wedding, Bythuongtran, photo by Lieta

Sometimes, the little detail can change lot more than you imagine. Dont think of it as just the chair but the place where your guests stay all your ceremony or reception. Just a delicate touch can make them feel much more respected.

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