How to have a wedding album that stands the test of time


Classic in all cases is the key to eternity. There are many elements that create a classic wedding album, in which some of them come back in trend this year. However, being classic doesn’t mean being boring. On this blog, Bythuongtran will reveal 4 little tricks to bring classic style to modern wedding album

1.     Mono-Chrome effect

Black and white photos always scream out Classic in the most obvious way. Using mono-chrome effect on wedding photos is the simplest way to have a classic-looking album that will last forever. To spice it up a little bit, you can mix black and white photos with coloured photos to make your album more up-to-date.

photo 1.JPG

Photo: Vera Wang on Weddings

2.     Using both film camera and digital camera

Film photos bring out the vintage effect. A dreamy film photo says oldie itself. This actually is one of the trend makes a comeback this season according to The Knot. A wedding that has both digital and film photos is kinda nice, isn’t it?


Photo: Film shoot - Jul and Dan's Wedding, Bythuongtran, Photo by Mr Phan Huu Lap

3.     Classic shoot

Plenty of shoot can be clarified as “classic”. We believe that every wedding album need having one or all of the shoot below

-       Bride getting ready for the ceremony, aka, the preparation shoot

-       Walking down the eye

-       I do

-       First dance

-       Father-daughter dance

-       Throwing the bouquet

For Vietnamese brides, there are some specials as following:

-       “Ăn hỏi” shoot

-       “Xin dâu” shoot

Taking picture from the top is a great way to bring the modern touch to this shoot. Especially, all dance shoots are highly recommended for this style.


Photo: The Knot

4.     Wear a smile all the time

Smile is the single outfit that surely never goes out of style. A smiley photo will be forever young so please, don’t forget to show your happiness in every single moment of your wedding.

Julie and Danny_Nha Trang Vietnam_Mott Visuals_Wedding Story_041-1.jpg

Photo: Jul and Dan's Wedding, Bythuongtran, Photo by Mott Visuals

Have you updated this year wedding photography yet? Here is an interesting article we found on The Knot. Let’s give it a look, shall we?



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