Traditional wedding in Vietnam


The way we brainstorm a “traditional” wedding in Vietnam is far different from any geographical areas or nations in the world. It is definitely not an easy mission to accomplish for any passionate professional wedding planner to balance the “culture” and “modernity”. We make up our mind to understand the deeply emotional conception first then demonstrating the perfect day relying on our streamlined process and edgily breaking-through creativity.

Generally a Vietnamese modern wedding has three main ceremonies: The gate touching ceremonythe betrothal ceremony (or engagement ceremony) and the wedding ceremony.

The wedding day is not like a “sudden” event but chosen in advance. And it is for the Best, of course! Vietnamese people believe the couple’s future depends on “age compatibility” (between the bride and the groom), good days and hours for the ceremony. The elderly in two families will involve and consult a professional fortune-teller before finally deciding the special date.

The gate touching ceremony: The groom’s parents bring gifts to the bride’s and formally ask for an engagement. The bride’s family decides to accept the engagement or not. However, things are done before the ceremony happened or there will be no chance for the future-groom to step in so it is more than a mere formality.

The betrothal ceremony: This is a superb important ceremony to announce the marriage. This marks a significant stage in the lifetimes of the bride and the groom. After this ceremony, the bride will become formally the fiancée of the groom.

Nowadays, hopefully, the gate touching ceremony is no longer “a must” so it can be merged with the betrothal, and the bride and groom can have spare time to think and sketch out their dream-come-true wedding.

The wedding day:  Before the groom go to fetch the bride, his mother and another person in family come to the bride’s family to announce “The moment we are all waiting has come”.

A respected old man in the family will be a representative person of the groom’s family. He will lead the whole family of the groom to fetch the bride. At the bride’s house, the representative gives speech of making offer to fetch the bride in front of both families. With the permission of the older in family, the groom enters the room inside for giving flowers to the bride, pays homage to the bride’s ancestors.

After that, both the bride and the groom come outside to make greetings to their parents, parents-in-law, relatives and friends. The bride comes with the groom and his companions to the groom’s house. At the groom’s house, they are led to the altar so as to worship the ancestor and make greetings to her husband relatives.

Finally, the groom’s family invites the bride’s family to take part in the wedding banquet. The wedding banquet is often held in a luxury hotel or big restaurant with the presence of both 2 families and friends of the bride and the groom.

In general, the wedding rituals has changed so much from the past to the present in order to make it easier, simpler and suitable with the modern life. And as an honored professional wedding planner, we respect the everlasting beliefs symbolizing the wishes, hopes and expectations which you desire to bring on in your wedding.

Don’t hesitate to share with us your dream wedding, we promise to make it the most glitteringly precious moment to be unforgotten in your life J.

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