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Planning a perfect wedding might be the most struggling work for brides. If you have put months (if not years, or a decade) into discovering that perfect wedding dress, nothing should be happed to ruin your wedding days and no exception for the bridesmaid dresses!

They are the second most important because the colors, styles, and ‘look’ really help to frame the bride and will support her beauty on the big day. Obviously, as we are creator of dream-come-true wedding, let get started on choosing the matching dress that suit your bridesmaid following these helpful tips

1, Dress length:

You’ll probably be able to find dresses for your maids in cocktail length, tea-length or floor-length.

Cocktail bridesmaid dress: where the skirts end at mid thigh, are becoming more popular and are worn almost year round. In order to decide which body type suits the cocktail dress, the silhouette must also be considered.

Tea length bridesmaid dress: hit at the calf or shin, are less formal, and offer the potential to be worn again. Usually tea length dresses are fitted at the top and flare out at the bottom. Tea length dresses appeal to hourglass and pear body types


Full length bridesmaid dress: flatter all body shapes, however, brides should take into consideration the height of their bridesmaids. If some are very tall they may need to request extra length, and for bridal party members who are on the shorter side, they may need to get the full length dress hemmed.

2, Neckline:

Here’s how to choose the right necklines for your girls

  • The bateau neckline or "boat neck": refers to a wide neckline that runs horizontally

  • The sweetheart neckline: low at the front and in the shape of the top of a heart

  • The v-neck bridesmaid dress are suggested to help give the illusion of a more full shape.

  • The high neckline: gives your girls quite a formal look – it’s still sexy without being too over the top

This chart below describes recommended dress style for each specific body type

Body Type

Dress Length



Cocktail Length

One Shoulder



Tea Length




Cocktail Length

Tea Length

Full Length




Tea Length



3, Color:

When selecting your bridesmaids' dresses, the cut, style, and shape of the dress shouldn’t be the only important factors when showcasing the most important women in your life. Color can play a major part in making your girls look their best. The most universally suitable colors to choose for bridesmaid’s dresses are navy and purple – close runners up are crimson and fuchsia.

Platinum is very in style at the moment, as well as the paler colors, pale yellows, sand, and taupe. There is also a trend toward burgundy and hunter for Fall weddings too. Black is always in style and always a popular choice among both brides and their bridesmaids. In addition, many of the designers today are also using better quality fabrics like dupioni silk, silk chiffon and satin, velvet and crepe.

Although today there is less tradition around colors, styles and seasons, it is always wise to use common sense. For example, darker colors are worn in the fall and winter while bright and soft colors are worn in the spring and summer. The bride has the final decision on selecting the color of the bridesmaid dress. Bridesmaids may want to voice their opinion to assure the bride is aware of colors they prefer and those which flatter their skin tones. Classy and neutral colors are likely to be worn again to future functions; examples include black, navy, and espresso. When selecting a bridesmaid dress it is important to note that brick and mortar bridal stores only receives a few samples of each type of gown and may not have the dress of choice in the preferred color.

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