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Dear Friends,

Finally we start blogging again on a brand new platform – our new website (www.bythuongtran.com). Bythuongtran’s website has come back with a completely new look and much more informative content, as a result of our great effort and desire to bring better experiences and values to our clients.

From now on you can find our posts updated regularly on various wedding- & celebration-related topics such as wedding ideas, bridal beauty, decoration & floral, preparation works, etc. We would also love to share with you our thoughts and vision, experiences and advices from our point of view as a professional wedding consultant, with the ultimate aim of giving our customer’s satisfaction and benefits a top priority.

The blog posts will be in both Vietnamese and English, you are welcome to leave questions for us as well as comments and suggestions in order to better our website, blog and services, right hereunder or via email: info@bythuongtran.com. Make sure you check them all and stay connected for a lot of fascination waiting ahead!

Thank you and keep in touch!

Bythuongtran Team.

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