Ngoc Lien and Nam Hung

Lien and Hung knew what they wanted for their wedding, but since they both work and live overseas, it was almost impossible for them to realize their dream wedding in Hanoi until bythuongtran took over the wedding planning task. Bythuongtran had the honor to listen to Lien and Hung’s love story and memories.

Together with bythuongtran’s own observation about the couple’s characters and preferences, the team delivered a cherry blossom themed wedding with different personal touches in the wedding’s decoration and atmosphere; bringing unforgettable experience to the couple and their loved ones.

"As our wedding was held in Vietnam, and we were living abroad, there had been a lot of miscommunication and concept mismatch during the initial stage of wedding preparation which made us really frustrated and discouraged before we decided to engage bythuongtran for our wedding.

Thuong is meticulous, careful and effective, and a very hand on person who does not mind going through even the tiniest detail herself, so we could be at ease, relax and enjoyed the preparation process as we knew there were an extra pair of eyes to look through the details for us. She is also creative, has a lot of ideas, and a strong person who can go to great length to defend her ideas if she thinks that they are good, yet she is also a great listener and is open minded, which helps prevent her from being too aggressive.

With those characteristics, and the love for her job and the great desire to organize beautiful weddings that make the brides and grooms' eyes shine with happiness, we believe that Thuong will go very far and be very successful in her career.

We are very happy with our wedding, and we will be more than happy and willing to recommend bythuongtran to all future brides and grooms who want to make their dream weddings come true."