Lien and Bomin

Lien, the Vietnamese bride, and Bomin, the Korean groom, decided to get married in Vietnam, Lien’s motherland. Their wedding, held at the Crown Plaza, Hanoi, represented Bythuongtran’s philosophy in every single way. Beyond the decoration, it was delicately simple and fulfilled with joy and happiness. Together, they made a typical Bythuongtran’s celebration.

“I’ve been dreamt about my wedding since I was just a little girl, how I would look, how the tables would be set, the flower, the hair, the wedding gown.

And finally, my day had come, everything was just the way I imagine that would be, just perfect. I decided to choose Áo Dài, my proud traditional clothing, for my big day to remind my husband that he’s getting married to a Vietnamese lady.

Bythuongtran crew, thank you all so much for the last 5 months of hard work and especially, thank you for your surprise gift - the clip that busted us into tears.


Lien – The March Bride”