Katy & Alexis de Macquenem

Before our first meeting, the only thing we know about our bride, Ms Katy Nguyen and now Mrs de Mecquenem, is that she's incredibly pretty. Soon after the first discussion, we learnt more about her inner beauty and her incredible taste. And that is when Katy gave us one of the most challenging requests so far, a BLACK RED & WHITE wedding. The matter here is that all of these colours are strong and unless we find a way to balance them all, it'll be a disaster, completely.

We were a bit concerned at first and we know Katy and her crew had doubts too. However, she trusted us and gave us the best support we could ever get. After countless emails and meetings follow, step by step, each of our ideas was realized beautifully. We couldn't stop smiling when we saw our girl extremely happy walking down the aisle in her proud father's arms and finally bursted into tears when our couple exchanged vows. It was just magical. In that moment, we all realised why we, bythuongtran team, stand together, because we all want more and more brides to have her dreams come true, we want to be a part of their dreams.

"Most people were concerned when i told them about my wedding color theme " Black- red and White". One wedding planner even refused to work with me because for them the idea of using black for the wedding was just so unconventional and would lead to a disaster. However, i had strong belief in my concept and i knew exactly what i wanted and how my wedding would be. After months of working with the very talented bythuongtran team on every single small details, our hard work had paid off. I had a wedding of my dream and couldn't be happier.

Thank you so much for the amazing job you did on our wedding last Saturday. Thank you for making my dream wedding come true. Everything was beyond our expectation. We had a marvelous time. Our friends and family are still talking about how beautiful our wedding was. Thank you for walking through all the pre-wedding crisis with us with a great calm and understanding. I know I'm a perfectionist and its not easy working with me sometimes but you did manage everything perfectly and deal with the " bridezilla" always with a smile :) It has been a great decision to have you as our wedding planner. Thank you again and lots of love from the new Mr and Mrs de Mecquenem."

Katy De Mecquenem.